About Billy Vee

Bill Vollrath AKA Billy Vee is on a spiritual journey with a hunger to know Jesus Christ intimately by faith in His Word through the Holy Bible. I am not too impressed by many of the charismatic characters who claim to be Christ’s representatives in many churches and I intend on exposing the heretical nature of their teachings which are causing many would-be Christians to exclaim, “I was lied to! This whole Christian thing must be a lie!” Christianity is NOT a lie! It is actually the only pure truth we can know however the truth has been twisted by many teachers who are disillusioned at best or lying wolves at worst…The only thing worse than a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a wolf in shepherd’s clothing!


4 Responses to “About Billy Vee”

  1. Timothy Favelle Says:

    I like this blog, but am not sure of your intentions. I’m sure you are not trying to uproot any tares here, we loose so much good wheat that way. There should only be one shepherd for this flock and He knows those who are His. I’m sure that you don’t mean to go to battle against Young Earth Creationists for the lies that some of them spew against my kind and the tens of thousands of evolutionists who think that our Bible is based in lies because of their ilk. Though they hang their redemption story on a flawed interpretation of Genesis, those who are His will surely follow the true shepherd, even when so many evolutionists reject the Bible because of these bad “shepherds”.

    I hope that you can see the parallel and comtinue to be shrewd as a serpent and as innocent as a dove

  2. Caleb Mason Says:

    Your videos literally broke my heart and hurt my spirit. Please, be careful about turning defensive quickly. While I do agree on biblical terms with some of your positions, I disagree with others. But you know what, thats ok. In the kingdom of God relationships are not fundamentally based upon intellectual agreement, they are based upon the love of God, through Jesus, empowered by the Spirit of the Lord. This is very basic biblical truth and I doubt there would be disagreement. However, I wonder if there has been personal relationship investing with some of the individuals who claim to have supernatural experiences. It is very easy to speak out against people we are not in relationship with. My point in this is that I have always been very sensitive to people and their words, along with their actions. I know what intimacy with God feels like, and my bible very clearly explains what that looks like and how it manifests in the life of a child of God. And frankly, being in love, I did not feel or see the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead, exemplified here. I hope you can hear my heart in this, and it is not to argue or fight at all. I watched your response to the Glory Cloud (for reference). You say very intensely things directly against those people, and say others must get out of there. Do you know what devil means? To cast himself in between. Do you know what denomination means? Divided Nation. Dividing people from each other, and people from God has been the devils goal since he fell, thus we get the title devil. Be very careful not to let offense arise in your heart right now as you read this, and i want you to know I am not calling you devil. But again, it is not against flesh and blood that we fight but against the rulers,…. you know the rest. The point is, Jesus died to shift places of authority and right in the spiritual realm, allowing the natural realm with all of humanity the possibility to be restored back to rightful ownership and headship and oneness with God. Right? I know I have no personal relationship with you either, and thus my opinion may be lost and or discounted. But I am praying that the Fruit of the Spirit will grow in your life as you continue to more intimately know the love and presence of the Helper that Jesus promised would be here with us now. “Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness.” I am more than willing to share stories of supernatural things and miracles that i have seen with my own eyes, as I have proclaimed the love of Christ among the nations. Peace and Grace to you.

    • insightswithbillyvee Says:

      I am going to approve this with trust that your intentions are honest and pure here. I have heard all the complaints from Christians who think it is not my place to point out false or bad teaching and I understand that my exposing of deceptions will hurt the feelings of the people who are decieved…Nobody likes to be shown that they are wrong and many, when tricked, don’t want to admit that it happened to them.

  3. John Price Says:

    Yes Billy. The Lord led me to your message after I prayed for inspiration for today’s DAILY DEVOTION, which I’ve been sending out every day since 14 January 1014.

    I’m just an ordinary Christian, not special in any way.

    In my country we’ve had a ‘pastor’ who sprayed Doom insect killer in the faces of some members of his congregation to chase away evil spirits. Another church leader who doesn’t call himself a pastor but an ‘angel sent from God’ has been arrested after 7 policemen were shot. Another ‘pastor’ has made himself so rich that he owns many cars including 10 limousines, with money he has taken from very poor people; and so I could go on.

    The list goes on and on. Stories include rape, murder, handing over the full value of pensions… and many other scams…

    Many pastors are honorable people, but some are money hungry, power hungry, manipulators. Of them we should be careful. And your warning is timely.

    It is not the church which is at fault. It’s not Jesus Who has wrong teachings. It’s the greed and power hunger of clever people, preying on those well meaning, but delusioned, poorly educated, (superstitious in many instances), people, who are looking for God’s way in life, but have found themselves in the congregations of Charletons.

    I’m sure you’re not aware of all the terrible things which happen in South Africa to simple people – in the name of Jesus.
    It’s shameful, and is at such a bad level that Government intend bring out a Bill to govern churches, and church leaders. – which is also not a good idea.

    Pray for South Africa, Billy. Please!!

    I’ll send you a copy of todays message, separately, if you give me a direct address – not via the open blog.

    And to those who read your blog, please also pray for South Africa.

    If you don’t want this, just don’t reply
    God bless you.

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