The Ministry of Healing and the Business of Miracles

I’ve always believed that as a Christian I am called to live by faith and not by sight, which I think I do. I have not seen Jesus and I believe He is the way. I have not seen the dead arise but I believe they will arise. Admittedly, however I do have doubts and questions for God sometimes. What human being, in the pursuit of understanding God and the Bible has not stood before a mountain after reading Mat. 17:20 and declared “MOVE” only to be disappointed when nothing happened? Is it possible that we have misinterpreted that part of Scripture? Perhaps the “mountain” God speaks of is a metaphor for difficulty in our lives and if we see the context and really believe that Scripture that says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” then that mountain (whatever it might be) will actually move.

It is this very possibility that people will misinterpret the Word of God that opens the doors to charlatans who, knowing that you must believe, will come to sell you a miracle.

The world of so-called supernatural experiences and the sheer numbers of miracle healing claims in certain Christian sects is getting ridiculous and I believe it is causing new would-be believers to abandon their faith before they ever have a chance to develop it.

Here are some examples:

At The Intensified Glory Institute: School of Signs & Wonders with Joshua Mills you can learn to reach down into the Bible and pull out a secret that will allow you to “transmigrate.” Yes, that means be in two places at the same time…take a trip and never leave the farm so to speak! Actually that’s what was said on the video put out by Joshua to advertise the school…I notice that the word “transmigrate” has been replaced with “positioning yourself for transport in the spirit” on the web page. While watching a web cast of Patricia King’s “Extreme Prophetic,” I heard Todd Bentley tell about a time during a session of praying that he had been allowed by God to enter the inner sanctum of Heaven…and Patricia just casually proclaimed, “Oh yes, the throne room, I’ve been there too!” Benny Hinn regularly fills stadiums with thousands of people for his miracle healing services in which hundreds of people come forward and make all kinds of claims from the scar they used to have that disappeared to cancerous tumours vanishing, blind eyes getting sight and deaf ears opening up while hundreds of others sit in wheelchairs waiting for their miracles and nothing happens. In 2008 at Ignited church in Lakeland, FL during some revival meetings, more than 20 claims of dead-raisings were made in something around a 6-month period…yet not one death certificate has been produced to date. Night-after-night on late-night television you can listen to men like Don Stewart and Peter Popoff who will sell you a green hanky or a little vial of water that will be a connection point for you to commune with God to get all your wishes granted. There is a church in Mexico who’s pastor is Daniel Rojas that claims oil leaks from the rafters around the ceiling and gold dust appears in their bibles…and sure enough, Patricia King has a video showing oil dripping from a roof and a bible with gold dust in it. Must be true!

Why do people believe this stuff? None of these people have ever proven their abilities to perform miracles in a controlled environment and most of them have been exposed as frauds by investigative reports. Yet they are still followed and believed by many.

I’ll tell you why people believe this stuff. It’s because they have had a mantra beaten into them that goes something like this. “Believe and receive or doubt and go without. There is nothing wrong with God or His ability…it is you! You do not have enough faith. You have too much sin. You hold unforgiveness in your heart. You don’t want to get well. Now, I am going to teach you how to make yourself believe. All you have to do is sow a seed (give money) into my ministry and you will be blessed.”

Do you see how the would-be believer is doomed here? He cannot win! If he gives money, prays, gets prayed for and believes but doesn’t receive, there must be something wrong with him. So he gives some more, prays some more, gets prayed for some more and really, really believes and nothing happens so he feels like there really must be something wrong with him and he ends up claiming some miraculous thing happened so that other people will not think he’s a sinner undeserving of God’s healing or that he doesn’t have enough faith. Then when others hear his testimony of his bogus claim they will plant a seed (give money) so they can get their miracles!

And the cycle continues…the ministry of healing and the business of miracles. It is a sad state of affairs.

I’m not saying you should stop praying for a miracle…I’m saying, “STOP trying to buy one…or worse yet, sell one!”


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9 Responses to “The Ministry of Healing and the Business of Miracles”

  1. shawna Says:

    I’m delighted to see you writing, and will continue reading if you continue writing.

  2. Linda Says:

    A very thoughtful, studied and balanced approach. Well worth the read.

  3. MIRACLES, HEALING, SIGNS AND WONDERS ~ FOR TODAY? « Insightswithbillyvee's Blog Says:

    […] MIRACLES, HEALING, SIGNS AND WONDERS ~ FOR TODAY? By insightswithbillyvee I believe God can and does heal people and do miracles today. God is awesome, He is good and He is omnipotent! He can do whatever He wants, when He wants to! However, the fact remains that there is very little concrete proof of miracles ever actually happening to regular Christians since the passing of the apostles in the New Testament. I see a lot of product for sale that will teach us how to get healed and I have felt a lot of guilt associated with why I don’t get healed or see others healed. (See “The Ministry of Healing and the Business of Miracles.”) […]

  4. Michael Says:

    Bill, good read, have to say I agree with you for the most part. However, and you knew this was coming, God does not use metaphors — to messy and open to interpretation. I think that part of the problem is that we have a wrong idea of what is considered a miracle in part and that it truly does have everything to do with faith in the end. If your definition of a miracle is having God deposit a million dollars in your bank account or enabling the guy down the street to transmigrate then your not reading the same Bible that I am. If you believe, on the other hand, that miracles can be as simple as my coming to Christ or my Son’s deliverence from heroin addiction then I believe that miracles happen every minute of every day. As to raising the dead and healing the sick, although I have not seen the dead raised I have seen people healed. I have faith that if God can do those things then He can do all things. Like Todd Friell said, can we know everything definitively? No — only God does! That is why He gave us the gift of faith. We do not have knowledge of every act on the face of the earth. Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen.” As we have faith that God is kind, faithful, loving, forgiving, merciful — that His word is true in every part — that we are saved by grace — that Christ meant every red word — Then we can have faith that He gave us, through the impartation of the Hloly Spirit at our rebirth, the power to go and do even greater things than He in His name. He said in the Word that many wolves would come in the last days to scatter and devour the flocks. May God have mercy on their souls!! In this corrupt and decietful world and time many will be mislead by false claims and doctrine. I submit that instead of seeking fortune, fame, or healing, that the faithful have the faith to believe that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us and that God can use all things for His good wether it be poverty or wealth, sickness or health, charlatans or saints.

  5. Linda Says:

    Michael’s commentary reflects so well the belief that we can rely on the Holy Spirit of Christ to guide and direct us in the ways of God no matter what our situation. As one who takes part in a church prayer chain, often having only a first name to go by, without benefit of knowing the afflictions or trials involved, I simply ask the Lord to bring His comfort, guidance, peace and love to each one and healing if it be His will.
    Yes, of course there are miracles every day that are neither paid for and often not even recognized by unbelievers. So we give thanks for the miracle of a safe road journey, the development of a medication that does its’ job without serious side effects, the fact that we were at the right place at the right time to give and receive His love and the simple miracle of waking each morning with hope and resting each night with faith.
    As Bill so eloquently said, you cannot sell or buy miracles – they are gifts that we receive every day according to His purposes for our life and too often they are taken for granted.

  6. jeremy larson Says:

    I am not sure why we are not seeing miracles or signs and wonders. What I do know is we are called to preach with power and demonstration. I my self have felt my whole life that these two gifts were mine and have had numerous prophesy’s Rev 3:7-10 isiaha 61 anointing walk in healing signs and wonders with the lord ect. I know these prophesy’s are true for me and no one can ever change that. My God will activate them when he is ready. My job is to stay resolute in my walk and to act on the oppertunities he sets before me and one day I will walk in healing signs and wonders with God. Thank you for what you have written I look forward to reading more. God bless

  7. Linda Says:

    Given the dramatic climatic events of recent years (species extinction, floods, hurricanes, etc.), I doubt I am alone in feeling that we are just beginning to witness the final devastation referred to in the Book of Revelations. However, we must remember that mankind, not God, has precipitated such traumatic events, that God did put his human creations in charge of planet earth. Had the first earthlings awaited the Maker’s guidance, obeyed His Word and passed it on, there should have been no need for Jesus’ sacrifice, no need for us to seek visions, miracles, prophecies – indeed, no need to fear what is perceived as His anger against us.
    Michael is right when he states that Almighty God did not speak in metaphors. However, it is also true that He sent his Son to speak in parables in the hope that His creation would finally understand, learn and obey before bringing about its’ own end.

    • insightswithbillyvee Says:

      I am finally getting around to reading these replies here…Linda, you said, “it is also true that He sent his Son to speak in parables in the hope that His creation would finally understand, learn and obey before bringing about its’ own end.” And I just have to say, No!…That’s not why He sent His Son…That’s what the church at large teaches, but it’s not true! Jesus came and died so that we would have eternal life with Him despite our inability to save ourselves by any work of our own. The end is going to come and it does not matter if we think we can pull our bootstraps up enough to stop it. To learn this, I had to get out of the “church at large” and join one that teaches sound, biblical doctrine…That meant I had to look for one that had; No women pastors, no gay pastors, no gay “marriages”, no self-help (chicken soup for the soul type) teachings, no “specially annointed prophets”, no “miracle, healing services” but had sermons that always presented the Law and the Gospel rightly divided. And Michael needs to do that too. He doesn’t really disagree with anything in my writing here…he just has to because….well, just because…his church kinda believes in works righteousness and blessings for obedience! But the Lord blesses everyone equally…He doesn’t give Micheal more blessings than Bill because Michael tythes more or prays more or works more or anything-more! Actually, He blesses ME more, because I am His favourite! LOL

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