Balance in the Church

At the age of 45, having been a Christian all my life and having had a born again experience about 10 years ago and recently some realizations about the reality of Christian life, I am in a real quandary about choosing a church and maybe even going to church at all anymore. I wonder how many others are experiencing this same dilemma. I’m not giving up on God but maybe just feeling a need to avoid His followers.

 It seems there are two extremes out there in “Church Land.” Personally, I am tired of the dry, powerless church where a handful of people simply show up once a week to listen to a 20-minute speech that is all about justifying our poor behaviour because we are just human beings and sinners, after-all. But the other end of the spectrum freaks me out a little bit. At this end, people are so open to the spiritual realm that all kinds of spirits (maybe even demonic ones) manifest in and through them. I have experienced these two extremes. On one end, I’ve seen people sleeping, actually sleeping in a hard, wooden pew with a dribble of saliva at the corner of their mouth and lightly snoring while someone’s grandmother hammered off the beat on an old, out of tune piano. (Maybe I was the snoring guy!) At the other end, I’ve seen people with dark, sunken eyes focused on some unseen thing and totally void of their senses, making strange, gyrating movements with their bodies and clucking like chickens or howling like dogs while a rock band played some Pink Floyd inspired, repetitive and hypnotic tune through a first class PA system with all the lights and smoke of a regular, worldly rock concert. At this end, I was often the guitar player in the rock band and I love Pink Floyd music but while my flesh likes the music and the whole experience, I have to wonder, “Where is God in any of this, at either end of the spectrum?”

The clucking chicken crowd justifies its behaviour by bringing up the story of David dancing in his under clothes and saying, “I will be more undignified than this” or they’ll quote Acts 2:15 that says, “They are not drunken as you suppose” as the Spirit filled people seemed drunk to the religious ones. The snoring folks will quote some Old Testament verse that talks about sober reverence in the sanctuary (Leviticus I think) or 2nd Corinthians that says, “Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.”

But what I really want to know is this: Can we find a balance? Can we be a Spirit-filled and united body? Can we be “charismatic” and “evangelical” without losing our senses or leaving ourselves wide open for demonic attack? Can we be warm without being lukewarm?

One thing I know for sure is that there are unsaved people out there who are on their way to hell and it is wrong for Christians to just let them go without at least trying to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. How can we do that? There has to be a church. Can we be “The Church” and not be critical of the extremes of the world that will always find a way to weave their way into the church? Can we hold the extremes of the world and desires of humans to have an experience back just enough to be reverent to God and comfortable in our own skins?


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2 Responses to “Balance in the Church”

  1. Linda Says:

    I like to think that all believers in the one God, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will one day stand together against all evil. Just as in politics where too many divisions and factions make for inept government, the Christian Church cannot be effective in any of the work our God has trusted us with. The mainstream churches cannot afford to be complacent any more than the extremely evangelical churches can afford to get so carried away with self-satisfying emotionalism. There has to be a balance and, if I were seeking a new church, I too would look for that balance and an overall fellowship whose aim is to follow Biblical principals to the benefit of all mankind. God bless you in your search BillyVee.

    • insightswithbillyvee Says:

      Thanks Linda, Don’t worry, I will find a balance. I had a rock solid spiritual foundation set in place by my Mom long before I ever decided to strike out on my own “seeking” adventures. She taught me to believe that God said, “be still and know that I AM GOD.” No matter where my mind goes, Jesus is good and patient…and a perfect representation of all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I’m afraid that my exposés of some deception in the church will cause a bit of a stir but I believe it will be a good stir…one that is needed to help us in the body of Christ to become blended more completely. My heart breaks for those who will be too proud to admit that they have been decieved.

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