Monavie Mona Vie Miracle Juice Acai Scam MLM

Imagine this; People have been getting sick for all of history and all of a sudden there is a miracle product that everyone needs because it cures every ailment known to man. Hundreds of years of medical research and development have not been able to come up with this but low and behold, a businessman in Utah has discovered the holy grail of health products. However, it’s not covered by medical insurance even though a few doctors tout it as a miracle medicine.

The miracle is the acai berry from the rain forests of Brazil and here is how it is being marketed.

Perfectly healthy people who are good looking, young and already doing well financially are enjoying success with the juice and the business because they are able buy the product in bulk and talk their acquaintances, friends and family into buying the juice. The business and product looks attractive (maybe even to sceptics) because good-looking, young people who are healthy and wealthy (and also have some business acumen and sales knowledge) are pushing it! But here is what will happen in the long run.

Those who are not so well endowed with business acumen, good looks, health or wealth but want to fit in with this new, hip crowd may do alright for a while if they buy into the business but they will find that they will not make much money if they don’t make a full-time job out of pushing the juice. Relationships will be strained as friends and family begin to avoid the ones selling the juice because they feel guilty about saying no or they just don’t want to be bothered.

Sick people may feel some benefit from drinking the juice because it is fruit juice after all and very high in antioxidants and other good stuff found in all fruit juices! Also, there is the “placebo effect” that is a natural phenomena that appears to happen to people who believe they are taking something that will make them well. Yes, lots of fruit is good for you and you are bound to be a little healthier if you eat a lot of fruit or drink a lot of fruit juice.

The sick people who are able to afford continuing on the juice will not be cured of their ailments but they will feel better so they will continue and it will look like it was Monavie that made them well.

Sick people who start using the juice and feel better but can’t afford to continue will suffer hard withdrawal when they stop taking it and will have to go into debt to get more juice. Personally, I believe that acai is addictive and I fear that some people will feel depressed or sick when they stop drinking it.

The dealers will ride a wave of success in the first few years but they will start selling less and less as everyone who likes the product becomes a “dealer”. This happens with all multi-level marketing schemes, which this is, even though the company calls it a “relational marketing plan”. The reality is that it’s a pyramid. It’s a Ponzi scheme. All business structures that rely on sellers signing up other sellers in a down-line end up with a huge portion of the sellers on the bottom of the pile and while it may seem alright to those who get in early, I have to question the ethics of this mindset.

The company executives and those dealers who got in very early and worked really hard will make lots of money…everyone else will limp away broke and feeling ripped off…again. This is what happened to those who got involved in Amway in the 1970s, Sunrider in the 80s and Melaleuca in the 90s. Another recent miracle product in the multi-level marketing world of this decade is MAXgxl. If you are looking for a product that will cure all your ailments, MAX is probably cheaper than Monavie.

Another serious negative aspect of the Monavie phenomenon is that marriages will be challenged over the amount of money being spent on the juice. For a young couple to drink this stuff they will be out of pocket about 400 bucks a month. That’s a mortgage or car loan payment for most people. If they start giving the juice to their kids, well holy smokes, I can’t even imagine who can afford to do that! And there is the shipping cost as well! A family of 4 will spend around $1000.00 a month on Monavie and shipping. You can’t just walk into a store and buy this stuff, you have to give the company your credit card # and go on pre-ordered shipments. That’s just not right.

You will notice that after some time, outdated product or product nearing expiry will be offered up on eBay for a fraction of the original value as dealers realize that it’s too hard to sell 26 ounces of fruit juice for 40 bucks! It’s already happening with Monavie on eBay. Check it out.

So, in short, I’d say, if you are rich and healthy…have at the Monavie! If you are sick and poor…eat lots of fruit and get some exercise!


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2 Responses to “Monavie Mona Vie Miracle Juice Acai Scam MLM”

  1. mona Says:

    But she said it cured her kid. And she drives a really nice car. Surely this can’t be bad. I could even make money! I’m going to sign up anyway.

    All the reasoning in the world can’t compete with cult marketing. The reasonable mans’ hell is filled with monavia followers.

  2. insightswithbillyvee Says:

    This comment seems to be simply an advertisement to get my readers to click on your link. It has been unapproved. Sorry. Don’t worry, my readership is small but I certainly don’t want to give the impression to any of them that I support in any way any magical cure, diet, exercise plan. Peace…Bill

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