Todd Burpo: Heaven is for Real (4 Year Old Boy Coltan, Visits)

When I saw this video on Facebook my reaction was this:  

LOL – I told my Mom and Nanny that I had an out of body experience when I was a little kid too. Right after they started reading and talking about Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. I’m gonna guess that this kid knew who was going to be in the operating room and has seen some TV shows like maybe “House” or “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Doogie Houser” or whatever. He’s probably heard his parents talking about Heaven. They probably attend a Pentecostal church that leans toward mysticism and the NAR. I wouldn’t be surprised if Todd is the pastor and he’s probably already a published author. And Coltan’s probably a genius too…with a really great imagination. The parents for sure have photo albums that contain pictures of their dead relatives and he’s heard his mom talking on the phone about the baby she lost. I’ll bet the kid attended a funeral of a grandparent shortly before his surgery too. And he’s sung the song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands!” too!
Then I thought, Sheesh I’m a really mean and nasty man to steal the dreams or shatter the illusions of that little boy…especially since I haven’t even looked into the story more. So I “Googled” Todd Burpo and what do you know…he’s a pastor and a publisher of Christian books!
So…here are the claims made in the Fox News story:
  • He met people he never knew like his grandfather and St. John the Baptist.
  • He was above them while being operated on. “ I saw my dad in a little room talking to god, I saw my mom in another room talking on the phone and talking to one of her friends.
  • He can recognize pictures of his great grandfather who he never met.
  • He knows that God is a very, very big person. He can actually fit the entire world into his hands.
  • Jesus has a rough but kind face, sea blue eyes and a smile that lights up the heavens.
  • There are no old people up in heaven, just young adults.
  • He met his baby sister that had died in mommy’s tummy. He didn’t know about the miscarriage, his sister told him about it when he met her in Heaven.

So I am just going to keep an eye on this story and watch for developments. I wonder why they waited until the boy was this age to give an interview to a news station? He seems to be about 10 in the video and he supposedly had the experience when he was 4. It seems pretty obvious to me that the last 6 years have been spent teaching Coltan what to say when questioned about the book.

Am I too sceptical? Perhaps but let’s just see what happens in the future of these people…

See also: Delia Knox…I’m interested in following her story as well!


5 Responses to “Todd Burpo: Heaven is for Real (4 Year Old Boy Coltan, Visits)”

  1. Linda Says:

    Check out my response on the Delia site Bill.

  2. Tim Farto Says:

    the boy was trained, you betcha. they stole my shtick!

  3. David Says:

    Yes because children always do what you tell them to do and our excellent at telling the same story over and over without embellishing.

  4. Skaught Says:

    Well, watching the Delia healing it looks pretty real, as it took time to come to a walking point. I believe God still heals folks, but He is jealous of His glory. Like your title on “strange fire”, God does it His own way and if you do it for your own glory, it will fail. The kid’s story has inspired alot of people, whether it is true or not. Funny how people love a child’s story over truth. Alot of speculation was stirred up by the vision of a young woman in 1830 about the Rapture. This was a post-trib rapture vision, of which no one wants to believe and the pre-trib rapture was preached through out America thru the distribution of the Scofield Bible. I have been a christian for 30 years before I heard there were other theories out there concerning the end times.

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