Come In ~ A Poem by Linda Wilkins-Parker


Every day millions are born, millions die;

All are loved by our Maker on high;

Some born to privilege, some born to pain,

Some born to poverty, toil and shame.

Some born defiled and some born too soon;

Some born too late, to hear freedom’s tune.

Some have no time to value the gifts,

That some never find in a world of hardship.

So may we find moments to pause and reflect

On the one birth of all the world can’t forget.

For all these conditions will one day depart

When we all know the One who’s Divine from the start.

Yes, now, as we hasten to set up the tree

And hang bright lights up and down every street.

As we hurry to send happy cards near and far

And stock the pantry with cookies and tarts,

Let us take but a moment to reflect on God’s plan

To plant us as seeds in both good soil and bad;

Let us take this small moment to offer our praise

For the one precious Gift that opens the way.

Like all, he was born to a world marred by sin,

Yet He opened heaven’s door and bid us, “Come in”.

Come in if you value the fact you were born –

No matter the roses, no matter the thorns.

Come in if you care for the millions that slave

Just to survive, for them all must pray.

Come in if you know, as each day starts,

That the birth of God’s Son was a gift from His heart.

A gift to our world of sorrow and sin,

A gift that bids all to “Come in, come in!”

Hang a wreath on your door, polish the floor,

Bid guests to “Come in!” and be joyous for sure.

But remember the wreath that was placed on His head

And the tree that He carried to Calvary and death.

Remember His promise to be by your side

No matter the troubles along your life’s ride.

He is the One who would not have been born

Had the Power on high given up on us all;

Yes, the Father’s desire for a world free of sin

Was restored when His Son bid, “Lost sinners, come in“.         

Linda Wilkins Parker


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