What is a Narrow-minded, Bigoted A**hole?

ImageThis writing was inspired by the nice sign that a “friend” of mine posted on my Facebook wall. The sign was a big, red octagon that said; “Stop using Jesus as an excuse to be a narrow-mind, bigoted a**hole!” ┬áNow, I was aware that some of my beliefs were prone to anger non-Christians but this person is a Christian…or she thinks she is! Anyway, I wondered if perhaps some of my beliefs are fundamentally un-Christian-like. Here are some things I believe…Do these beliefs make me a narrow-minded, bigoted a**hole ?

Religion: I am what most would call a conservative Christian. I believe in God. The one and only God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit as revealed to us in the Holy Bible. I believe mankind is inherently bad or evil and cannot make themselves good by obeying any set of laws, athough when we come to knowledge of our salvation and relationship with God, we will behave in a more holy manner…most of the time. I also believe that mankind is separated from God and can do nothing to earn God’s favour or get on His good side. The ONLY way to God, the Father is through faith in God, the Son who is the Word made known to us by God, the Holy Spirit. No other faith in any other deity will allow a human being to live eternally in the presence of God. Jesus had to become the perfect sacrifice to satisfy God, the Father’s righteous anger and wrath. I believe JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN. Period.

I don’t believe in any religion that rewards man now with anything for anything in any way. ie/ You will not be rewarded with the ability to perform miraculous healings if you pray enough or have enough faith in any god and you will most certainly NOT be able to manifest any sign that would suggest that the Holy Spirit was anywhere near you let alone in you! People who claim to be able to perform miracles are liars…which is not really saying anything unusual or untrue because ALL people are liars. We are all lying, thieving adulterers at heart (if not in actuality) who regularly commit blasphemy by taking the Lord’s name in vain and murder by wishing ill upon our brothers and sisters. However, people who lie about God in order to make money are worse than scum. Look, Jesus suffering the intense pain that He endured before being nailed to a cross where He died so that YOU could be sanctified and justified before the Lord God Almighty and live for eternity in Heaven with Him is enough of a reward! If you think you deserve more…like your best life now…you are sorely mistaken.

I am unashamedly a cessationist in the sense that I believe some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely tongues and prophecy are no longer given to people…or at least not to people in North America. Every gift that God gives is for a purpose. We have no need of these gifts here. We have the completed Bible which has all the prophecy we need and we have knowledge of many languages and access to translators. That’s not to say God will not or cannot reinstate these gifts at some point…but all these people running around, babbling strange tongues and pretending to prophecy by simply reading the signs of the times and providing us their analysis of these signs are deceived if they think they have special gifts. And they’re deceiving you if you are looking to them for words of knowledge pertaining to your life.

Science: I believe God created the universe we know of and probably others we don’t know of. I believe that the earth is about 6000 years old. I cannot believe that at some point, billions of years ago, rain from nowhere fell on rocks that came from nowhere, forming a soup in which life in a single cell magically happened and that cell over eons of time and with a lot of luck became human beings. I can’t understand how there could be people who believe in Darwinian evolution. I like Kent Hovind and think they should let him out of jail. See freehovin.com. I like Ken Ham, the founder of answersingenesis.org, too.

Politics: I don’t believe in the separation of church and state. Anyone who would attempt to govern human beings without the guidance of the Holy Spirit is probably just seeking power. Only a right-winged, conservative government can be truly led by the Holy Spirit. All other political aspirants have to reduce themselves to accepting compromise on moral issues in order to appease all the moral relativists out there.

Moral Relativism: There is no such thing as anything that is right for someone and wrong for someone else. Everything is either right or wrong. We cannot distinguish between right and wrong without the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the engagement of our consciences and intellects. I would rather be right than wrong. I think I am usually right…although I can think of a few times when I was shown to be wrong and I changed my mind.

Sexuality: There is no gay gene. I do not believe that people are born “gay” unless they mean “happy” although, people aren’t born happy either. People are born mean, nasty males or females who are angry because they have to give up their comfortable rides in the womb.

Gender altering surgery doesn’t change your gender though it can help to make you LOOK more like something you are not.

I do not believe that people who have made attempts to alter their genders should be allowed to enter competitions where they are competing with normal people. ie/ The man who had surgery to make him look like a woman cannot compete in the MISS Universe pageant and the woman who had surgery to make her look like a man can’t play on the men’s hockey team.

Being actively involved in sexual sin is nothing to be proud of. Keep your “Pride Parade” to yourselves. I do not want to see anyone flaunting their sexual desires, sinful or not, in front of my kids on a public street in any city, anywhere in the world.

Marriage: I believe that the definition of marriage is “a legal and binding contract joining a man and a woman, barring all others, in holy matrimony.” People who think they are gay can do whatever they want but they can’t expect normal people to encourage their perverse behavior by allowing them the same benefits afforded to real, married couples who can produce children and thereby contribute to the survival of the species.

AIDS: I believe AIDS is a gay disease first…Sure, it has spread into other populations…mostly those who are actively engaged in other perverse behaviors like illegal, intravenous drug use or any of the abnormal sexually charged cultures out there. ie/ Swingers, bisexuals and those involved in bestiality.

Abortion is murder unless the baby is killed in self-defense. I don’t know of any cases of that but I imagine there are times when a doctor can determine that if a baby is allowed to grow it’s mother will die. In that case, killing the baby would be in defense of the mother’s life. If a person kills a pregnant woman, they are guilty of two murders. A baby is a person from the moment the egg is fertilized at conception.

Suicide/Assisted Suicide: I do not believe any human being has the right to end his or her own life or aid anyone else in ending theirs for ANY reason. People who are old, sick, in pain and useless to society can be kept comfortable with drugs until they die on their own.

Dogs: I think pitbull dogs are dangerous and cannot be trusted. I think that people who own pitbulls are drug dealers or gangsters or are “wanna-be bad guys.” There may be some seemingly normal people who own pitbulls but these people are somehow (maybe secretly) attracted to the “bad” look and are impressed or excited by danger and breaking the law. Either that, or they are total nerds and desperately trying to fit in with the “outlaw” crowd. I don’t dislike these people (well not all of them.) I dislike their dogs (well most of them.) I have seen well trained pitbulls…but still, some professionals say you simply can’t trust a pitbull to not snap in a moment of feeling like IT is being attacked or dominated in a way it does not like.

If you are going to own a dog, you must pick up its poop when it does its business on public property and if you can’t afford a couple hours every day to spend time with your dog, you shouldn’t have one.

Social Assistance: The best social program is a job! If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Anyone on social assistance, welfare, unemployment insurance etc. should have to report to a public office daily and be prepared to do some community service work. Disabilities and sicknesses rendering one unable to perform work must be accompanied by a monthly doctor’s report.

Social Hierarchies: It goes like this; God > Men > Women > Children > Animals – Final decision making defaults to the elder of two people, in the same social group, when there is a dispute within the group and on the same rung of the ladder.

General Conduct: I do not think that using curse words in regular conversation is necessary. In fact, I find it offensive…especially when women or children do it. I do not believe in abusing the body, which is your temple after all, by poking things into your skin, cutting yourself or marking your skin with permanent ink. If you own a pet, look after it. (See section on dogs above.) If you have children, be good examples to them. Don’t allow yourself to get too fat or too skinny. The concept of eating a balanced diet and exercising enough to stay healthy is easy to understand but requires some discipline. Get some!

So, there you go…Am I a “scary person?” Are my views bigoted? Which ones? Why? And, “Shut up you stupid poopyhead” is not a valid argument! LOL…Please note: I do NOT expect everyone to believe all the same stuff as me…and I won’t call you names or try to belittle you if you believe differently. And I know I’m a hypocrite…so are you! We all are! OK, that’s it…Anybody want to try and change my mind on any of that?


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