My Experience with NAR Leader, Che Ahn of Harvest International Ministries

Sometime in around 2007, I had an interesting and telling encounter with New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) forerunner, Che Ahn, the leader of HIM (Harvest International Ministries.) I was travelling with a team from Harvest Ministries International (KHMI) from Kitimat, BC, Canada and we were leading worship at a conference in Abbotsford or Kelowna. Che Ahn was there as one of the guest speakers. We had just finished a gruelling set of intense worship and the crowd was pumped with expectation because of the mood we had created with our music. We were very manipulative that way and I still sense a need to repent of that!  We were taught that we could actually create an atmosphere that made it easier for God to move amongst us…and I believed it! Anyways, Che Ahn had taken to the stage and had begun calling out “words of knowledge” like, “I sense that there’s a woman in the room who has or has had some kind of an ‘issue of the skin’ who is experiencing a miracle right now.” The crowd was responding well and sure enough, some starry-eyed bimbo came bouncing up to the front, shaking her head and making ‘the drunk face’ to claim that she had a scar that had disappeared. At that point she pulled up her shirt sleeve to reveal that she indeed, did not have a scar there! Another one came to tell of how a ‘bad tattoo’ had been miraculously fixed…She said that it used to have a “bad word” in it but that God had covered up the bad word with His love…and sure enough, she revealed to us all a tattoo with no bad words in it!!! No one around me seemed to know who these young women were and, of course, we had no way of knowing if there ever was anything actually wrong with them in the first place! I did not ask. I didn’t want to be seen as someone trying to cause doubt.

Interestingly, at an early session the day before, an old woman had responded to the altar call given by Bill Johnson or James Goll. Yes, this was a big name conference! With Bill Johnson, James Goll and Che Ahn all in the same room with anointed worship leaders like Brian Johnson, Keith & Sanna Luker and Heather Clark along with the ‘prophetess’, Stacey Campbell, God should really be taking notice!!! Anyways, when this woman got to the microphone she told of how she longed to dance with her husband but that she was inhibited from doing so because of crippling, arthritic pain and dependence upon the walker that she was using. The evangelist (it might have been Ivan Roman) prayed for her in a very gregarious fashion and then declared, no…he COMMANDED, that God was going to give her new legs or something like that. Later that night, while listening to another worship team, I saw the old woman dancing with her husband! I was sitting near the back of the room and I turned to the person beside me and exclaimed how awesome it was to see this woman dancing! The person beside me happened to be a member of the church that the conference was being held at and I was a little taken aback when she said, “Oh, that’s Elsie! (not her real name) She get’s healed at all these conferences! I kind of chuckled and filed that information away in my head somewhere next to the place where I had filed knowledge of other people who knew had  lied in order to draw attention to themselves or to try and fit in with the ‘faithful and anointed ones’. There are certain people who just seem too frail to expose…You get the feeling that if you called them out on something like that, they might lose their faith in God and fake an attempt to commit suicide or something.

Anyway…back to Che Ahn…He had just said, “Now God is doing miracles for little children with skin issues! (which leaves it pretty wide open here in British Columbia where at any given moment many kids will have some kind of rash, bug bite or allergy!) Che continued, “Everyone who has a child with a skin issue is going to receive a miracle! Come for prayer!” Well, it just so happened that my 2 year-old granddaughter was with us and she had come down with a case of ‘slap-cheek’, AKA; 5th disease, which is like measles or mumps, etc. So, I took her up to the front with all the others who were coming forward for prayer…I waited patiently for almost an hour and a half as he blabbered on about all the miracles he’d seen in other places at some other time. Mikenzie (the 2 yr. old with slap-cheek, my granddaughter) was very impatient and making quite a scene, which can be expected from a 2 year old! Che could easily have ended the fuss by simply laying hands on the child and praying for her…but for some reason, he just wouldn’t do it. In fact, he actually seemed to be avoiding her…and me! (Looking back on it now, I think it was because her rash was quite visible and he didn’t really have any faith to believe that a “miracle” was going to happen right then and there and THAT was going to make him look bad.) Che made us wait…and wait. He was hoping we’d give up, I guess…but we stayed. Finally, he sort of gave ‘the nod’ to the usher to let us approach him. The usher was trying really hard to do a good job of only allowing people who had no visible problem get near the stage…but I could tell he was uncomfortable with being expected to do that and he wasn’t actually with Che Ahn…he was a local guy, part of the church that was hosting the conference and he seemed to be trying very hard to impress Wesley Campbell or Todd Bentley…I think we were in Kelowna at an “Eyes & Wings” conference and this fellow was with Wesley but he seemed to be hoping that one of the “big guys” would accept him as an underling or whatever they call those guys…an intern? Todd Bentley was THE biggest name on the block at that time and we had led worship at one or two of his conferences in Abbotsford as well…but I think this one was in Kelowna. Anyways, I gathered Mikenzie up in my arms and went forward, excited and hopeful that my little grandchild was going to receive a MIRACLE! But when I got there, Che covered the mic and whispered to me, “Do you have a testimony?” I replied in the calmest, friendliest voice I could muster, “Not yet but as soon as you pray for the baby and she is healed, I will!” And I meant it too! I really believed, in that moment, that this Che Ahn fellow actually had some kind of special anointing that would assure that the baby would get healed! I was quickly snapped back into reality however, when he said, still whispering with the microphone covered,  “We’re not praying for the sick right now, we’re taking testimonies.” Well, at that I was a little angry actually but I had to check that emotion. He had been praying for all kinds of people who were coming forward with complaints of maladies that were not visible. Honestly, it was all I could do to not call ‘bullshit’ (please excuse my foul language….it’s the only word I can think of that really describes what was going on) right there and announce to the crowd what he’d whispered to me…but again, I didn’t do or say anything. I just went and sat back down. However, I told my daughters that I was probably going to quit playing music for these people. I was Art Lucier’s lead guitarist in his band, Reviver, at the time and we were actually a pretty good band when we had Jason Skilton on bass and Heather Lucier on keys. Up until this point, we were all having a pretty good time but for some people who are very close to me, this conference and the whole scene (I fear) was enough to actually cause them to lose their faith all together. Some of these people no longer follow any sort of ‘ministry’ now and some don’t even go to a church. This is something that is very troubling to me. To think that I might have been a part of something that may have caused people I love, people in my own family, to lose their faith in Jesus Christ is more than troubling actually. It weighs heavily upon my heart and deeply saddens me. But I know Jesus has these people in His book and that they will not give up on Him…or rather, He will not give up on them!

Later that evening, as we were filing onto the bus to head to our billets or hotel rooms, I tried to express my concern to the bus driver, Dave Owens, who was, and still is (as far as I know) an elder in the Harvest Church but Dave flat out told me he didn’t want to discuss this in front of the rest of the “team” lest their faith was challenged or we caused them to doubt. So, I left it at that but this incident was one of the events that culminated in causing me to leave the NAR movement all together.

So there you go, my experience with NAR leader, Che Ahn. I guess I said all that to say, I think Che Ahn is a fake my friends. If you are “sitting under” Che Ahn’s ministry, (or any of these NAR guys) I strongly encourage you to check them out very closely as a good Berean would. Ask to see documentation from doctors and dentists about all the miracles they claim to their ministries’ credit. But…beware! Because if you ask too many questions, you will be put out of the circle and labelled a ‘back-slider’ or worse, a ‘divisive’ one…which would actually be the best thing for you. You need to get away from these movements and simply believe the GOSPEL!

My friends, if you are a Christian, please know that THE GOSPEL is not that Jesus Christ suffered a horribly painful death and then was resurrected so that you could have your sicknesses, hurts, habits and hang-ups taken away in this life to activate your best and most purpose-driven life now. The GOSPEL is very simple. You (and I) are born in sin and are incapable of living up to God’s LAW but JESUS, who is perfect was able to live up to that law and in so doing, was able to provide a perfect sacrifice to God the Father and thereby became our righteousness, our sanctification and our justification before a God whose judgment is perfect in justifiable wrath. But because of this perfect sacrifice, God exercises His MERCY by not giving us the punishment we deserve and His GRACE by giving us the blessing we don’t deserve. If you are going to Church and attending Christian conferences with the idea that you are going to be blessed by God with special favour in this life now because of the “goodness” you have managed to scrape together or because you are able to give money, you are sadly mistaken. The abundant life that is promised because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice refers to the eternal life that our spirits enjoy in the presence of God, in Heaven! Rejoice for He is Risen…He is Risen indeed!


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22 Responses to “My Experience with NAR Leader, Che Ahn of Harvest International Ministries”

  1. Linda McGourty Says:

    A very interesting peek inside the harvest, and I thank you for that Bill.

  2. Val Chellen Says:

    I am still trying to figure out this divine healing stuff. I googled Che Ahn’s name because a young friend of ours went to one of his meetings. He prayed for her after the meeting and she was (either instantly, or within a day) totally healed of celiac disease. I know this because she used to come to our house a lot, and we had to take really stringent precautions so not even a crumb of bread would get into her food. After Che Ahn prayed for her she ate dinner with us including bread. She can eat anything since her healing. I know there is a lot of fakery in the divine healing business a lot of places, but this is one healing I know was genuine. (Sure is confusing, isn’t it?)

    • insightswithbillyvee Says:

      Well no, not really. Miracles happen and we thank God for them. I would want to see the Doctor’s reports that your friend REALLY could eat no bread. Many good people (well, there are no “good people”) will make up these elaborate stories in order to gain recognition and acceptance in the “super-Christian” crowd.

    • jackswager2014 Says:

      I believe your friend was healed Val and and appreciate your comments on the healing.

  3. Angela Beattie Says:

    Bill I had a similar experience as you did with your granddaughter. I had fasted and prayed for years to be healed of high blood pressure, which I’ve had since I was 21, and extremely high cholesterol, which caused heart disease in my mom and grandad at a very early age and an untimely death for my grandad. I had so much faith that God was going to heal me. I told my husband and children before I left for a Benny Hinn conference that I was coming home healed! Well at the conference I saw in front of my eyes some miraculous healings! I saw a person come in bent over and it took two people 15 minutes to walk this man to his seat at the other end of the building. I saw him later start to straighten up and walk and eventually run! He gave his testimony of being in a car accident and being crippled ever since. I saw another woman in a wheel chair on oxygen. In the meeting I saw her start to shake as I thought this was the power of God coming upon her. She pulled off the oxygen, stood up and later gave her testimony that she was allergic to everything and was on 35 medications and couldn’t leave her house but God had healed her! I cried in Amazement! But I Wasn’t healed! It couldn’t have been that I did not have enough faith for I Truly Did believe I Would be healed! Of course this left my family seeing God wasn’t the supernatural healer I had said he was. As I was also caught in Bill Johnson and Todd Bentleys NAR teachings. Among other teachers as well. And I myself have been to Many Big name teachers conferences. I myself prayed with a friend of mine’s daughter to be healed of extreme allergies which gave her the worst case of eczema I have ever seen! She had to oil her daughter up and bandage her and clothe her fully to keep her from scratching which turned into staph infection constantly. The little girl couldn’t hardly eat Anything because she was allergic to almost everything and she was very tiny for her age because of it. I and a friend had told her God was going to heal her as we had had dreams and gotten words that this would happen. We thought these revelations were from God! Well several weeks later her daughter woke up and all her old skin had flaked off revealing whole New Healed skin! She had been healed in the night! She took her daughter onstage at church and gave her testimony of her daughters healing! We were all amazed and praised God! Well about 6 months later the little girls healing disappeared! I had never thought the enemy could perform healings I thought only God could heal. But the Bible says in the last days satan will perform many lying signs and wonders. And I know of another Miraculous healing of someone who had Many autoimmune diseases that was meant to die and we prayed for her and told her the same thing we had had dreams and words from God that she would be healed. She was miraculously healed but months later it returned also! These Were Healings that I Saw with my own eyes but they didn’t last! So I researched and searched the Word and heard from many that satan can heal or take away an illness for a season to deceive. The NAR has led to me and many friends falling away from church completely also! We didn’t trust Man anymore. There are SO many Deceivers! Many I know have lost their faith and fallen away from God completely because of all that we went through in the NAR! I just came out of spiritual deception a year and a half ago and I haven’t been back to a church or ministry. I read the Word at home and I pray for wisdom and discernment. I pray if its Gods will for us to attend church that he will lead us. I’m very careful now and I Test Everything now! I never want to be deceived again. But the masses that are hurt by this movement is Awful! I grieve for them! As I have had to come out of lies and confusion! Thanks so much for your testimony! I don’t know many who escape this movement! They Truly believe it is of God! I pray God will bring them out! God Bless You!!

    • Angela Beattie Says:

      And I want to state and be clear that in the healings I saw God really might have healed them. I don’t want to give the devil credit for the miraculous. I would never want to discredit the Holy Spirit to a demon. But I find it very odd that these healings weren’t lasting and ended up leading people Away from God and Not To him!

  4. nana Says:

    I totally believe in divine healing. I have been healed without anyone having to lay hands on me. I have seen my sister barren have a child after several years. Any faith that makes God absolutely responsible for the outcome of any situation is fake. You have to partner with God to receive AND KEEP your healing. Its a personal responsibility. The gift of healings is real. It doesn’t have to be instant on the spot. It depends on your faith. When Jesus healed ppl He said …be it unto you according to your faith. Some of the people were healed instantly and others believing for others got healed as they got home or as with the case of the lepers, as they were leaving Jesus. Read luke 11.24-means when u get healed, you must put the word of God in you to keep the miracle and keep the devil out. Otherwise, he can get in again and cause worse havoc as the case with the girl u said. Does your love for God and His Kingdom only depend on what He does or doesn’t do for you? Does your use of the gift of music He freely gave you depend on one preacher (just another man) like you? Hebrews 10.25, Rom 8.35 says you shouldn’t. God heals today you do the believing yourself. Build up your faith and that of the sick with faith scriptures. Dodie Osteen had a testimony like that.Read books on healing to get more insight. You will soon share your testimony. God richly bless you.

  5. find attorney Says:

    great issues altogether, you just won a brand new reader.
    What might you suggest about your publish that you simply made some
    days in the past? Any certain?

    • insightswithbillyvee Says:

      I do not understand what you are asking. This sentence, “What might you suggest about your publish that you simply made some
      days in the past? Any certain?” does not make sense. Can you elaborate?

  6. Justin Says:

    Ive had great brreakthroughs with the LORD through H.I.M of Pasadena CA , So i dont understand how you can critisie those that are invovled

    • insightswithbillyvee Says:

      Hi Justin, I think it’s because you have been tricked into thinking that your experiences, provided by H.I.M. through the hypnotic music and charismatic speakers, are indicative of your perceived relationship with God. Is there something about my criticism that you didn’t understand? Or is it simply that I dared to criticise your leader? Do you think that any of the things I wrote are untrue? What do you mean by “great breakthroughs?”

  7. Gary Sellars Says:

    I think you’re as phony as a three dollar bill. You’re a cynical, unbelieving mocker who does speak without blaspheming one or more Christians. You sound exactly like the devil.

    “Insight”? What a lie. Mockery is all you offer.

  8. April Says:

    I don’t know about Che Ann or any other minister, but here is what I feel about what I read in Angela Beattie’s post:
    When God heals anyone, He also forgives their sins (see Matthew 9:2-7 and James 5:15), but they must quit sinning, or something worse will happen to them (see John 5:14). (In the case of the little girl, she is under her parents’ authority, so it would be their sin.) Because the demon of satan WILL come back to try to bring the sickness again (bringing 7 more wicked than himself–see Luke 11:24-26), but you must stand on God’s Word. If you give in to the symptoms satan is trying to put on you again, you will be worse than at the beginning (see again Luke 11:24-26). That is probably what happened with the two healings you saw.
    But you must confess and stand on God’s Promises and resist the devil and he will flee from you–and this may take a while, so you have to continue resisting (see James 4:7, 1 Peter 2:24, Isaiah 53:5, Isaiah 55:11, 2 Corinthians 1:20, Galatians 3:11, Ephesians 6:12-13, 1 John 4:4, Hebrews 4:16, and many other scriptures on healing and faith and God’s Power to overcome the enemy).

  9. April Says:

    Sorry, I meant Che Ahn (spell check change)

  10. Elle Says:

    Am so sorry that you went through all these lies and let downs. I’m speechless. Been praying for my healing from MS and declaring God’s Healing scriptures over me. I thank HIM daily for my healing. God will definitely tear down any ministry that is not of HIM. That I know. May God truly heal you & those that have been hurt by decisive leaders. If truly they are false prophets and false healers; then they don’t have a fear of God. May they come to repentance quickly bc Jesus is returning soon. Thank you for sharing.

  11. a former wayward son Says:

    I attended an NAR church affiliated with Harvest for some years. Got to see Cindy Jacobs and Mel Mullen as well. They spoke of “taking dominion” over just about everything, and one of the other so called prophets during one of their yearly teaching seminars told so many people they would be pastors that by the end of the event, it seemed that every second person in attendance had the “annointing” for when it came to being a pastor in the future.They were into the Kansas City Prophets, the Toronto Blessing, Joel’s Army, the whole nine yards.

    All this was in direct contradiction to what the Scriptures, as I undertood them, taught. They are poor souls who have been deceived. Pray for them, do not be angry.

    They have believed a false teaching, and many of their brethren get “words from the Lord” every Sunday in front of the congregation, and share these “revelations” without any scriptures backing their words up.

    I woke up about 10 years ago, and have not been back since having gone back to the church I attended as a youth.

  12. theresa Says:

    I believe whole heartedly that God is cleaning house. Many have been lead astray from the true word of God. They have not fed naturally nor spiritually, but speak out of their desire and continued self gratifying pursuit. As a servant of God, I’ve meant some you have mentioned and other’s not mentioned and was grieved in my heart by their Acts, some know it is just a matter of time before judgement. It is my continued prayer that they will repent and turn from their wicked ways. You continue in the Faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  13. John Gravallese Says:

    I met Che Ahn when I graduated from WLI, I sensed something in him that was not Christ like and I believe he knew it. My pastor introduced me to him but he moved on and did not acknowledge me.
    Also, taking the courses from WLI, my spirit was continuously disturbed but went ahead anyway. This is the 2nd time I stated that.
    I recomend to all when you listen to them speaking or prophecying to ask God for revelation. I am discovering allot of false statements that do not line up with Gods word.

  14. JYJames Says:

    Good to know. Che Ahn’s name came up today at The Wartburg Watch.

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