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Plant a Seed…

July 12, 2014

An old friend came to see me the other day…this is a true story but the identity of my friend must remain anonymous so I will henceforth refer to him as “Binny.”

Binny is a PK (Pastor’s kid) from a very Charismatic background…although he didn’t come into the movement until he was in his late teens when he decided to go looking for his birth father. He found his dad leading a group of fervent believers in a small, northern community. I was also attending the gatherings at this group’s meeting places and following the leader around, so met I met Binny through his Dad (the leader of the group) as he quickly became a follower of his new Dad and the excitement of the entertainment at the group’s gatherings. They called them worship services and the band was pretty good, sometimes really good! They had flaggers and dancers and even painters doing prophetic paintings to the music. It was a really cool place…I liked it a lot and so did Binny. We were both willing to overlook the people “doing the chicken”, shouting out in the middle of “sermons” writhing around on the floor like frying bacon and the kids “puking up demons” in the parking lot. I mean, who were we to question the Holy Spirit? I was in my late 30’s or just in to my forties at that time and played guitar in various bands at the gatherings. We even travelled a bit and put out a CD!

After about 7 years of this, I began to realise that the Gospel was not being taught nearly as much as the LAW was being hammered into all the teens and down-on-their-luck adults that were following us around, so I left. On my way out I made it clear to the leader that I thought he was a false teacher and our parting got quite ugly as he and I hammered out our arguments on Facebook, of all places! To be fair, we had spoken privately and in the presence of one or two leaders on numerous occasions but I was usually dismissed with something like, “You are being divisive” or “You have a dark spirit” or “You lack of faith.” Our discussions however, I now see, were much like what you might expect to hear between a classic Lutheran and a Charismatic…like a debate between Chris Rosebrough and Bill Johnson for example. However, Bill Johnson would never agree to a sit down and chat with Chris Rosebrough and that’s how it is now between me and “the leader.” He has blocked me on Facebook and probably doesn’t read my blog but if he does I would still say the same to him.

“You can’t raise the dead. You can’t heal the sick by smashing them on the forehead and yelling ZOOMBA…or SHEEBA at them. Tongues is not a gift that is to be used the way you use it. You are not a prophet, nor are any of those other quacks like Patricia King, Todd Bentley, Benny Hinn, Rick Joyner or Cindy Jacobs. You can’t teach people to be prophets or to become healers. Christianity is not about taking over the “seven mountains” in order to prepare the Kingdom for Jesus. Christianity is about recognizing our inability, because of our sin nature, to please God and His mercy and grace through the Gospel which says, if we are repentant and put our trust in Jesus, that our slates are wiped clean because of what Jesus Christ did at the cross. Jesus died to take the punishment that we deserve because we are sinners. He didn’t die so we would somehow now be able to not sin…and it is certainly not your job to keep your flock’s sins in check. The saddest thing I have to say to you is this; All sin is forgiven…except blasphemy…and if you claim to teach the Gospel but don’t, or if you teach a Gospel other than the one taught to us by Paul who was taught by Jesus, it will be better for you to have a millstone around your neck than to face judgement saying, ‘I did this for You and I did that for You.’ You know the rest of the story. I say this BECAUSE I love you. Repent my friend.”

So…back to Binny. We were not real close during those years with the group but he liked me and I liked him…but when I left the leadership of the group, Binny believed his Dad, that I was a divisive one with a dark spirit and he broke ties with me as I broke ties with the group and its leadership. That was about 3 years ago. I am 50 now and quietly attending a Lutheran Church. Binny is in his late 20s and he came to see me, and I guess this is the end of the story, to tell me that he had received a revelation of grace, was now attending a Baptist Church and that he now sees that I was actually right to leave the group and to encourage others to leave as well.

Post Script: I did not feel like this was a “win” for me…but I do see it as a win for the Kingdom and a loss for Satan. And I also see it as a bit of a wake-up call to not become complacent with the status quo and to continue to oppose and even expose those who teach false doctrine. Gotta plant more seeds!



Social Engineering Strategies (Actually, a Critique of NAR Church Leaders)

April 10, 2013

As you read this, think about all the people in your life who are considered leaders. Do any of them come to mind a lot as you read? I’d say you have a social engineer on your hands there.


Set up a club that people want to be part of because the pursuits of the club are perceived to be good, righteous and even hip or relative to current cultural biases. A religious organization is perfect.

Make yourself the not-elected, self-appointed leader of the club and give yourself an important sounding title. Pastor is perfect. Always come off as one who is a simple servant who wishes to see others surpass your abilities, talents and standing within the club…but don’t actually ever let anyone rise to a point where they are actually in charge of anything. Make sure they always have to clear everything with you.

Set up a salary for yourself based upon a percentage of the money the club is able to raise. 50% is a good number to start with. Don’t put a cap on it. Quote writings like the bible that state the head of the club (pastor) should be paid double what the average income is among the common, ordinary folks that make up the club membership.

Appoint family members and close friends as figureheads in the club…ones that are perceived to have decision-making input but really just trust in you to make all the decisions.

Identify some jobs that need to be done in order to keep your club running smoothly, appoint hand-selected department heads to each of these jobs and give these people important sounding titles. ie/ Janitorial (Building Maintenance Manager), Fundraising and bookkeeping (Chief Financial Officer), Audio/Visual Equipment (Technical Director) etc.

Ensure that the people you appoint to the leadership roles are not qualified to carry out their duties so they will always be in need of your help and will be criticized by lower members of your club when they make inevitable errors in the execution of their jobs. Always come to the defence of the department heads to the regular members. In fact, you should accuse the regular members of being divisive when they point out and/or suggest corrections for the department heads. You must generate a “culture of honour” in which there is a hierarchy of members and leaders with you at the top. Always be sure to teach about “submission” to leaders…whether the leaders are wrong or right.

Compare your group to an army using terms like “boot camp” and “don’t break rank”. Refer to leaders in your group as “generals.” Reinforce the idea that total obedience and submission to the generals is honourable, good and right. Play up the word “honour.”

If and when anyone asks questions that you can’t answer or outs you on something you said that is not true or right, accuse them of “dishonouring” you. People love to feel like they are being honourable…just make sure it is YOU they are honouring. YOU are the general, after all!

When travelling with the group, stay in hotel rooms (paid for by money raised by the group) and travel in your own vehicle but let everyone else travel together on a bus which was bought or rented with their money so they feel like they have something of their own (even tough you actually own the bus…make sure your name is on the deed for all purchases of buildings, vehicles and equipment that the group buys) and let them all bring sleeping bags so they can all sleep together in some common area.

Put on events that include a variety of speakers and entertainers (presenters) but don’t tell anyone when each presenter will be on. That way people will have to devote they’re whole life to you for the duration of the event…waiting for you to announce what is going to happen. Be sure to announce that a supernatural spirit who speaks directly to you is actually putting the schedule together as you go so no one can say it’s you trying to control the people or events.

Start a club within the club…like a band or a dance team. Gather all the most talented people around you into your sub-club, tell them how great they are and how much you need them to make your sub-club good…but don’t pay them if you get paid for anything (or give them a little stipend now and then just to keep them thinking that there’s something in your thing for them…) Make them believe that without you, they’d never get anything for their skills. And keep them busy with your thing so they never have time to find out if their skills are needed elsewhere. However, don’t ever tell them they are a “member” of your sub-club…and if they start to want to express their ideas or want to be made a “member”, tell them you don’t need them that bad! You don’t ever want to get in a situation where someone starts to get the idea that you “need” them.

If your club is a “church”, be sure to preach to your faithful followers that it is sinful and divisive to be offended. Then…offend everyone individually so that they will feel wrong, small and bad for being offended. From then on, anytime you need to knock someone down if they’re bothering you with questions or challenges, or rising too high in respect from other members, you’ll be able to do it by answering their questions publicly, paying careful attention to pointing out that their question is not fair or silly in some way. Always be sure to include in your sermons that it is hard to lead people while pleasing everyone…maybe even go so far as to have your congregation form a line and come to you one at a time to declare publicly that they appreciate you and support you. I have seen this done by one social engineer that I know. It was quite effective.

When you put on or host events…make sure you do not start on time and always go longer than the original plan. This way you’ll have control of people’s lives for a while as they will have to make other arrangements to deal with any other plans they might have had for that day. This also will affect other people’s’ lives and you will indirectly have control of those for a while as well! And if anyone says anything, be sure to berate them with guilt for daring to suggest that you stick to your schedule. Call them stiff-necked sticklers and divisive trouble-makers.

What is a Narrow-minded, Bigoted A**hole?

April 11, 2012

ImageThis writing was inspired by the nice sign that a “friend” of mine posted on my Facebook wall. The sign was a big, red octagon that said; “Stop using Jesus as an excuse to be a narrow-mind, bigoted a**hole!”  Now, I was aware that some of my beliefs were prone to anger non-Christians but this person is a Christian…or she thinks she is! Anyway, I wondered if perhaps some of my beliefs are fundamentally un-Christian-like. Here are some things I believe…Do these beliefs make me a narrow-minded, bigoted a**hole ? (more…)

Teaching in BC

March 2, 2012

Teaching in the public School system in BC. I couldn’t say it any better! My wife is a teacher and I see first hand how it affects their whole lives. Teachers are ripped off by a society of spoiled brats with entitlement complexes.