DREAM BIG! A Page for Dreamers!

~ Feb. 14/2010 ~

The Kitimat Christian Family Hotel & Conference Center!

Call me crazy! Today I prayed over a 188 acre parcel of land overlooking the tip of the Douglas Channel in Kitimat, BC, Canada. It is absolutely impossible for that stunning piece of land to be mine…however, WITH CHRIST, ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE!

I BELIEVE GOD can make anything that is designed to honor Him happen! On this land, I envision a Hotel and Conference Centre dedicated to the pursuit of unity in the body of Christ. The Kitimat Christian Family Hotel & Conference Center (KCFHCC) would have a 1000 seat concert hall, fully loaded with all the most modern audio/video equipment and anything needed for any group to hold meetings, have worship services or praise God in whatever way they wanted. There would also be an outdoor band-shell where concerts and speaking events could take place. There would be an indoor children’s park and mall of gift and service shops. There would be a museum dedicated to proving the reality and wonder of a 6-7000 year-old, created universe. There would be a fully functioning spa offering healing services where patrons could seek God for help in any area of their lives that could be considered “sick”. Spa services would include any combination of the following; prayer, massage, aromatherapy, music therapy and all kinds of holistic medicines. Perhaps a treatment center for people suffering with addictions would arise. The surrounding land could be developed to have walking/hiking/skiing trails, climbing rocks, a toboggan/ski hill with a chair-lift and facilities for any outdoor activity one could imagine! There would be a full-service restaurant that would operate year-round. Working together with local guides, hunting and fishing trips could be booked as part of the conference experience. Of course, there would be beds available for maybe 500 people. Conference attendees could book anything from a bunk in a 20-bed communal to one of the centre’s presenter care rooms which would be 5-star suites with a balconies featuring views of the Douglas Channel. There would also be fully serviced camp site with power plugs and hook-ups for motorhomes. Late registrants for conferences would be encouraged to look to existing, local hotels, motels and bed & breakfast facilities for lodging. Other local businesses would benefit greatly by the influx of tourists coming to Kitimat. Call me crazy!! I have a dream…and it’s a DOOZY! What can you see? How about a fully serviced, modern recording studio for Christian artists to do their work? A pottery room? Art school? Dance studio? Maybe the land where the old Kitimat Hospital was could be a satellite site where the bandshell would be? Maybe Mt. Layton Hotsprings would sell and that could be another satellite of the KCFHCC which could be turned into a children’s camp with a petting zoo and golf course.


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